Yeast Infection Home Cures

Powerful, Easy Yeast Infection Home Cures

Cotton underwear is a great choice when you want to alleviate a vaginal yeast infection.
Cotton underwear is a great choice when you want to alleviate a vaginal yeast infection.

There are many yeast infection home cures that you can employ to help prevent and mitigate a yeast infection. These cures are not going to be as potent as Sarah Summer’s treatments which work in just 12; however, they can give you some support. If you are wondering what type of infection you have, make sure you consult a doctor before you attempt to self diagnose your problem.

Here are a few things you can do to help prevent or mitigate a yeast infection:

  • Wear only white cotton underwear. Cotton will keep the vaginal area dry and will allow air to circulate more freely around the vaginal area skin. Tight fitting pants may restrict air flow as well so choose loose fitting pants to help keep the vaginal area as dry as possible.
  • Some contraceptive ointments can kill the important probiotic bacteria L. acidophilus. L. acidophilus is an important bacteria that helps by acidifying the vagina and consuming excess sugars in the vagina. Make sure you do not use contraceptive ointments that kill helpful vaginal probiotics.
  • To help ensure your vaginal area stays dry and free from excess moisture be sure to get out of wet clothing (such as swimwear and sweaty workout clothes), as soon as you can. You can also employ a good blow dryer to dry yourself when you are finished taking a shower.
  • Being overweight can lead to more fungal skin infections as there are more folds of skin where sweat and other forms of moisture can be trapped. These wet areas on the skin are more suitable to the development of yeast and therefore can put you at a greater risk for developing a skin yeast infection.

Taking vitamins is another important aspect to fighting yeast infections. Vitamins that help support the immune system are important to take to help aid the body defend itself from the fungus that causes Yeast infestations, the Candida fungus. By keeping your body’s immune system functioning at an optimum level, your body will be at its best for fighting a yeast infection. A few dietary supplements that you can take to help the body’s immune system fight off a yeast infection include zinc, selenium, and vitamin E.

Zinc for Yeast Infections

Zinc does a good job of aiding the body’s immune system and thereby helping the body to defend itself against a yeast infection. When you take zinc, zinc stimulates the production of T lymphocytes. There are many different types of T cells created by the body and they are important for your immune system to function properly. You should make sure you are taking in the daily value of zinc for a health immune system. The daily value of zinc is 15 milligrams.

Selenium for Yeast Infections

Organic selenium supplements can help when you need to get rid of a yeast infection.
Organic selenium supplements can help when you need to get rid of a yeast infection.

Although the body does not require much selenium, it is vital for the production of selenoproteins. Selenoproteins are crucial antioxidant enzymes and help the immune system function at its best. In addition to supporting the immune system selenium might help to body protect itself from heavy metals. You should take 200 mcg of selenium each day to keep the body equipped to fight a yeast infection.

Vitamin E for Yeast Infections

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that is comprised of tocotrienols and tocopherols. Studies have found that there are no adverse effects from eating foods that contain vitamin E. Despite this, vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and taking high doses of vitamin E can have some unwanted effects. Taking large doses of alpha-tocopherols has been shown to cause hemorrhage and has stopped animal's’ blood from coagulating. If you are currently on anticoagulant medication you should not use vitamin E supplements.

If you wish to take vitamin E to help support the immune system you should take only 400 international units of vitamin E each day.


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