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Yeast Infection Herbal Treatments
Black walnut, licorice, tea tree oil, and other natural substances all are capable yeast infection treatments. Find out about which herbs are great to use to fight a yeast infection here.
Yeast Infection Home Cures
Get informed on some easy, natural yeast infection home cures that can be used from the comfort of your own home. Learn how to mitigate thrush by using a few easy home cures here.
Conventional Candida Treatments
Before you use a prescription Candida treatment make sure you read up on these drugs here and possibly consider using a safe, natural approach to treat a yeast infection.
Yogurt and Candida
Interesting in fighting Candida with yogurt? Learn about the bacteria in certain types of yogurt that can actually help your body fight a yeast infection naturally.
Candida and Acidophilus
Thinking about using acidophilus to treat Candida? Learn about this helpful probiotic and start using acidophilus to increase your body’s health.
Natural Remedies for Candida
Looking for some great natural Candida remedies? Try acidophilus yogurt, camomile, garlic, and henna together for powerful natural synergy to fight Candida. Learn more here!
Common Candida Infection Signs
Get informed about some common Candida infection signs and get a better idea of what is causing your health problems. Knowing more about Candida’s infection signs can help you know if you have this malady.
Garlic Yeast Infection Symptoms
Knowing how to properly diagnose a yeast infection is important. Learn about yeast infection symptoms and find out how to properly diagnose yourself if you think you may have a yeast infection.
Supplements for Yeast Infection
Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A are all efficacious supplements for yeast infections. Learn how to use the yeast infection supplements to treat your yeast infection naturally and safely.
Bad Yeast Infection Symptoms
Knowing the basic symptoms of a yeast infection can not only help you diagnose external yeast problems, but knowing symptoms can help you see if you have a more chronic problem with yeast.
Herbal Yeast Infection Remedies
Garlic, black walnut, licorice, henna, and goldenrod all make efficacious herbal yeast infection remedies that you can employ in the privacy of your own home. Learn about them here.
Herbs and Vitamins for Yeast Infection
Learn how vitamins and herbs like astragalus can be used to help allay the symptoms of a yeast infection and discover how to treat even recurrent yeast infections naturally!
Herbal Treatments for Yeast Infections
Purslane, goldenseal, and garlic can all be used as herbal treatmets for yeast infections. Learn about using these natural herbal remedies here!
Yeast Infection Home Remedies
Yeast infection home remedies can help treat a yeast infection; learn some excellent home remedies for yeast infections here at this page!
Yeast Infection Signs
Knowing common yeast infection signs can help you diagnose yourself correctly. Discover how to tell the difference between a yeast infection, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis here!