Candida Hub’s Ads

Why Candida Hub uses Advertisements

Some of the material on this website may be an advertisement. Candida Hub requires money to run, and requires profitability to afford creating great content. By using advertisements, Candida Hub is helped to cover the costs incurred to run, maintain, and update this website.

Some pictures and text have affiliate links on them. These are essentially advertisements. An affiliate link is a link that, when a customer buys a product after clicking the link, the affiliate makes a commission. There are many different affiliate marketing companies, and you will often see these types of links on a website you visit.

Many websites employ pay per click ads to generate revenue. As you know, ads are placed on many websites to generate revenue. Candida Hub is no different. Without ad revenue, many websites would not be able to function. It simply costs money to maintain a website, and it costs time and money to create content for a website. Advertisements are a great way to help cover these costs, and benefit the website owner(s).

Affiliate Advertisements

Please note that Candida Hub uses affiliate advertisements from the online retailer ClickBank. Candida Hub is an affiliate for ClickBank. This website DOES NOT handle the buying process OR refund process for these products. If you would like to discuss a purchase, learn about ClickBank, or get a refund for a product you bought via this website; ClickBank is where you can do these things. Again, ClickBank handels all sales and refunds for their products; this website is merely an affiliate. We do not process sales or refunds.

Thank you for any support you have given to this website! Hopefully the content has helped you; and, you’re living a healthier life as a result!