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Supplements for Yeast Infection

Helpful Supplement Ideas to Help Treat Yeast Infections

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Supplements for Yeast Infection

There are several dietary supplements that can be used to help the body mitigate a yeast infection.  These vitamins and minerals can be obtained at most mega-marts and health food stores.  By supplementing your diet with a few nutrients you can help your body fight off an infestation of yeast fungi.  Additionally, by adding extra vitamins and minerals to your diet, you will help your body perform other functions vital to your physiological well-being.  

Selenium Supplements

Selenium is a trace mineral that is required by the body for good health; however, only small amounts of selenium are required by the body.  Selenium is used in proteins to make selenoproteins which are critical antioxidant enzymes.  Selenoproteins also play an important role in helping the immune system function normally.  Selenium seems to have the ability to stimulate antibodies after the body gets a vaccination.  Additionally selenium may also help the body defend itself against heavy metals and other toxic substances.  Taking 200 mcg per day of selenium can help the body to fight off a yeast infection.

Zinc Supplements

Taking zinc when your body is battling a yeast infection is a great way to help the immune system fight of the microscopic fungi invading your body.  Taking a zinc dietary supplement will help the body efficiently produce white blood cells known as T lymphocytes.  All T cells are produced in the bone marrow from haematopoietic stem cells.  There are many different kinds of T lymphocytes produced by the body; these cells help the body maintain a state of good health by battling unwanted pathogens in the body.

Zinc is found naturally in several different foods, one good source of zinc is cooked oysters which contain 76 milligrams of zinc per half dozen.  Your body should be provided with the daily value of Zinc, which is 15 milligrams, when fighting a yeast infection.

Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C is an excellent dietary supplement to employ to help the body allay the symptoms of a yeast infection.  Vitamin C helps to support white blood cell function; keeping the immune system in peak condition for fighting of yeast.  In addition to bolstering the immune system, vitamin C also helps to acidify the vagina; allowing friendly lactobacillus bacteria to grow in the vagina while and staving off the growth of yeast in the vagina.

Taking two 2,000 milligram doses of vitamin C should be taken each day; one dose in the morning and one dose at night.  Although the daily value of vitamin C needed by the body is only 60 milligrams, taking high doses of vitamin C should not cause any considerably harmful physiological effects, except for diarrhea.  Taking doses of 1,200 milligrams of vitamin C has been known to cause diarrhea.  

There are many fruits and vegetables that contain ample amounts of vitamin C.  Consider adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet to naturally raise the amount of vitamin C you are getting from your diet.

Vitamin A Supplements

Taking vitamin A can help boost your immunity as this vitamin is needed for the maintenance of epithelial tissues, which act as a physical barrier to infection, and for maintaining various immune cells.  Without an adequate level of vitamin A, the body is left vulnerable to a plethora of infectious creatures.  Having a deficiency of vitamin A has shown to increase the likelihood of an individual developing cancer or becoming blind.

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin and can be toxic in large doses.  Taking a daily dose of 10,000 international units of vitamin A during the first three months of pregnancy has been linked to a high risk of birth defects.  Taking a daily dose of 25,000 international units of vitamin A has caused spontaneous abortions when it was taken in the early stages of pregnancy.  If you are pregnant make sure you do not take an elevated dose of vitamin A, as the aforementioned problems pregnancy complications could occur.  As a result of vitamin A’s potential harmful effects, it is prudent to consult a physician before supplementing your diet with vitamin A.



Vitamin C and Zinc

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Vitamin A

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  • Alice Feinstein, Prevention’s Healing With Vitamins -- vitamin A supports immune system AND Having a deficiency of vitamin A has shown to increase the likelihood of an individual developing cancer or becoming blind.  Pregnancy complications...


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