Yeast Infection Discharge

Learn about how Vaginal Discharge can be a Sign of Candidiasis.

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White Cottage Cheese Like Vaginal Discharge
Got cottage cheese discharge from the vagina? Yes, this is a strong sign you have a yeast infection. Learn more about vaginal discharge here!
Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Cheese
Experiencing vaginal discharge that smells like cheese? Fishy or cheesy smelling discharge is a common symptom of BV. Learn how to know if you have BV!
Foul and Smelly Vaginal Discharge
Foul and smelly vaginal discharge is a key sign of the most common vaginal infection: bacterial vaginosis (BV). Learn if you have BV and how to treat it here!
Learn What Causes White Discharge and Itching
Thick white discharge and itching is a symptom of yeast infections. Find out what is causing your white itchy discharge and get better now!
Can You Have a Yeast Infection Without Discharge?
Yes, you can have a yeast infection without discharge; this is a strong symptom of Candida. Get help figuring out whats causing your problems here!

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