Olive Leaf Extract for Candida Infections

Olive Leaf Extract for Yeast Infection Treatment

Olive Leaf Extract for Candida Treatments

The olive tree (Olea europaea L.) has been used for culinary purposes for millennia; and, perhaps for medicinal purposes nearly as long. The leaves of the olive tree are utilized in traditional herbal medicine in many Mediterranean and European countries. You can find olive leaves being made into products like extracts, powder, and in herbal teas. And, yes, you can use olive leaf extracts for Candida infections. Olive leaf extract (OLE) contains chemicals such as phenols and flavonoids. The combination of the natural phytochemicals in OLE, lends it the ability to put a stop to aggravating Candida yeast. So, if you have a yeast infection, this is one proven natural remedy that will get rid of the problem.

Other parts of the olive plant, aside from the leaves, may also be useful for use medicinally. The types of phenolic compounds (phenolic compounds are widely present phytochemicals that are contained in most plant tissues, including vegetables and fruits) found in the olive plant’s fruit, leaves, and seeds differ markedly. The seeds of the olive plant show a high antioxidant activity; which may make olive seeds a great natural source of antioxidants.

Research on Olive Leaf Extract’s Effect on Candida

Oleuropein, a primary component of olive leaf extracts, does not cure Candida!
Oleuropein, a primary component of olive leaf extracts, does not cure Candida!

A study published in the journal Molecules [12.5 (2007): 1153-1162], determined the chemical makeup of OLE (made from Olea europaea) and found how it affected Candida albicans. The important finding of the study was that 5 mg / mL of OLE reduced the growth of Candida albicans to just 30% of its normal growth rate. A higher concentration of OLE will, in fact, totally terminate the growth of Candida—as other studies will demonstrate. Also of note, was the study found some of phenolic compounds (which are likely the primary reason OLE derived with water can affect microorganisms) of their OLE. The study’s OLE was derived by boiling powdered olive leaves in water; and, the researchers found that the chemical makeup of their OLE differed from extracts derived with methanol as a solvent. So if you're boiling your own crushed olive leaves in water to create an extract, you may find their effectiveness is similar to the results this study showed. The chart below is from the study and relates the phenols present in the OLE the researchers created.

The extract was created by taking a powdered sample (5 g), boiling it in water (250 mL) for 45 min and filtering it through Whatman n°4 paper. The aqueous extract was frozen, lyophilized, and redissolved in water at a concentration of 50 mg/mL.
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The extract was created by taking a powdered sample (5 g), boiling it in water (250 mL) for 45 min and filtering it through Whatman n°4 paper. The aqueous extract was frozen, lyophilized, and redissolved in water at a concentration of 50 mg/mL.

It is interesting to note that oleuropein, the most abundant phenolic compound in the 2007 Molecules study’s OLE, does not have any activity against Candida. A study demonstrating this was published in Applied Microbiology [26.5 (1973): 777-782]. The study found that the several different types of yeast, one of which was Candida, were not inhibited at all in the presence of oleuropein. So, as the researchers in the 2007 Molecules study states, methanol derived OLE will have more flavonoids in it. It is possible that certain flavonoids and phenols both arrest Candida development.

Another study, published in Annals of Microbiology [56.4 (2006): 359-362], found that just a few micrograms of OLE per milliliter of solvent totally killed the Candida it was tested on. The study found that about 30 mcg / mL of OLE would kill off Candida. The study used ethanol, ethyl acetate, and acetone to dissolve the olive leaf material in to create their extracts. So, this study demonstrates the efficacy of ethanol derived OLE against Candida.

A final study, published in the journal Mycoses [46.3?4 (2003): 132-136], also demonstrates the ability of OLE to terminate the most vigorous pathogen in the Candida genus: Candida albicans. The researchers found that a 15% concentration of OLE would totally kill Candida albicans after 24 hours of incubation. The researchers created their OLE by using water—not an alcohol. So this should give you some idea of how homemade OLE, made with water, will work to get rid of a yeast infection. The study also found that a 0.6% concentration of OLE would kill almost all the bacteria it was tested on in just 3 hours; demonstrating the antibacterial efficacy of this natural remedy.

Other Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaves have been used in traditional medicine in the Mediterranean region for some time. Studies conducted on animals seem to suggest that olive leaves can ameliorate certain human health conditions; such as: hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, and various cardiovascular diseases. Since OLE does possess some degree of antioxidant capability; such health benefits could be a result of this trait. Although oleuropein is not active against Candida, it may play an important role in giving OLE its potential medicinal value. A study giving a fairly thorough overview of the possible health benefits of OLE, was published in Nutrition Reviews [67.11 (2009): 632-638]. The authors of the study concluded that more research into the bioactivity of OLE chemical constituents and proper dosage techniques were necessary at the time of the study’s publishing.

Dosage for Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extracts can help cure a yeast infection naturally!
Olive leaf extracts can help cure a yeast infection naturally!

The University of Maryland Medical Center recommended taking a standardized olive leaf extract (Olea europaea) of 250 to 500 mg, 1 to 3 times per day, for treating fungal infections and immunity. They also suggested using teas made from olive leaves. Olive leaf can lower your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. So if you have high blood pressure or diabetes, you may want to run the idea of taking this natural remedy by a professional herbalist or physician, before you start taking it internally.

For topical use, you may want to use something similar to what the aforementioned studies used. Remember one study found 30 mcg / mL (alcohol derived) of OLE killed Candida. Another study found 5 mg / mL (water derived) drastically reduced Candida growth. For total termination of the yeast, you should try to use 10 mg / mL concentration of water derived OLE when you use it topically. Try mixing it into honey or coconut oil for an even more effective cure. Also, add in some antifungal herbs or essential oils if you have them; this should really supercharge your natural treatment!

12 Hour Natural Cure for Candida Problems

One woman who struggled with repeat vaginal Candidiasis was Sarah Summer. Sarah, like many women, seemed to never be free for long from the stress, pain, and irritation of a yeast infection. She would use various products and treatments to get rid of the infection; yet, a short time later she would find her vagina was again compromised by yeast overgrowth.

Sarah Summer Yeast Infection PDF

This cycle of recurrence and treatment went on for some time—Sarah never addressed the root causes of her Candida problems. Then, Sarah unfortunately developed what she knew was a very severe yeast infection. Instead of try to handle her problem by herself, she quickly made an appointment with her physician—perhaps a medical professional could solve this situation.

After being examined by her doctor, Sarah was told that the yeast in her vagina had grown long germ tube tendrils into her vaginal wall and developed into a mould. Her doctor said that not only was this infection difficult to treat—it was not possible to cure completely. Frustrated with her doctor’s inability to find a prescription drug that would work—Sarah decided to see if she could find a solution herself by learning much more about this common health condition.

Sarah’s husband Robert also faithfully helped her as she spent hours in a medical library. According to Sarah, she practically “lived” in the medical library. Sarah wanted to use natural medicine and address the underlying health issues that she considered predisposing factors that gave Candida an open door to cause infection. After a lot of trial and error, testing various products and remedies, and ardent research, Sarah arrived at a novel solution.

Once Sarah tried her latest approach to getting rid of her vaginal infection, she found that it worked amazingly well. It wasn’t long before her stubborn vaginal yeast infection was completely gone. And, as time went on, Sarah found she was not getting any incidences of yeast infection recurrence. Finally, Sarah and her husband had found an effective, natural, and safe way to deal with this problem that had been destroying her quality of life.

Sarah has since written a book detailing exactly how to attack Candida at the source by eliminating its root causes. Sarah found that the others she gave her treatment methods to would report back that their Candida problems were cleared up in about 12 hours. Sarah has a specific section in her book that shows you how to naturally get rid of a yeast infection in about half a day.

Sarah’s book is published by a large online publisher—a subsidiary of the U.S. based firm Keynetics Incorporated. Sarah wants to give you peace of mind if you, like her, have been disappointed by products in the past. So, Sarah offers an 8 week, 100% money back guarantee on her book. If, for any reason, you find Sarah’s book was not up to your standards, you can promptly get all your money back. And, Sarah’s book is a digitally downloadable PDF book; so no need to return anything—you can even keep the book after you get a refund. If you’re not better within 12 hours, you have about 8 whole weeks to get her promised refund.

If you’d like to learn more about Sarah’s personal story and journey to health, see other people’s testimonials regarding Sarah’s book, or get in touch with Sarah, you can get this information quickly at Sarah Summer’s website.


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