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Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Candida Cleanse

Candida Digestion and Vaginal Cleanse with Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract

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Aged kyolic garlic extract is not the best choice for a Candida cleanseAged kyolic garlic extract for a candida cleanse does actually work.  However, I have seen it said that aged garlic contains allicin; this, is most certainly not the case.  Allicin is an unstable compound that has powerful antiseptic capabilities.  Yet, allicin rapidly deteriorates once it is formed--the half life of this chemical being 3.1 hours.  The antimicrobial potency of allicin has a half life of perhaps 0.8 hours; thus, after about an hour of time allicin rapidly loses ability to stop microbes (Fujisawa, Hiroyuki, et al.; 2008).  Others claim allicin is nothing to really desire in garlic; this is most certainly not true as allicin is a powerful Candida killer.  The truth is using freshly pureed garlic quickly is much more effective at stopping Candida than aged kyolic garlic extract will ever be.  The only possible advantage of using an aged garlic extract is if you plan on using it internally--as you won’t have much (if any) garlic smelling body odor.  Yet, there is a steep cost to smelling a little better; and, you’ll have to decide which option is best for you.  The truth is, especially if you're planning on using it topically or in the vagina, freshly crushed garlic is significantly more therapeutic and will kill Candida much better than any aged garlic supplement.  And, fresh garlic is certainly a cheap remedy!

Research on Garlic Extract and Candida

So, to get an idea of how kyolic garlic extract will work against Candida, knowing how well it inhibits the growth of Candida in vitro (in a test tube) would be one fair indicator.  A study did do exactly this; the study was published in the journal International Clinical Nutrition Review [10.4 (1990): 423-429].  The study used kyolic aged garlic extract and exposed it in vitro to Candida albicans.  The researchers found that the kyolic garlic extract did not inhibit Candida at all.  However, the study also used mice who were inoculated with Candida albicans and administered the kyolic garlic to these mice.  The mice who were given the kyolic garlic extract had a reduction of Candida in their bodies of up to 80%.  So, there is some physiological action that happens during in vivo (in the living) use of kyolic garlic extract that causes it to help the body remove Candida.  The researchers found that the garlic extract stopped Candida from changing forms; which is known as mutagenesis.

Another study shows that fresh garlic that has not been aged works very well in vitro at inhibiting and killing Candida.  The study was published in the Journal of Medicinal Food [7.3 (2004): 327-333].  The researchers created their own fresh garlic extract by taking a portion of the edible garlic bulb, blending it with water, and straining the liquid from the plant material.  The study employed ten different Candida species.  This fresh garlic extract was able to inhibit all Candida species at concentrations of 13 mg / mL; and, the garlic extract would kill all the Candida species at a concentration of about 16 mg / mL.  This powerful ability of such a small amount of garlic no doubt proves the ability fresh garlic possess to start killing Candida when you take it internally or use it topically on the skin or in the vagina.

Kyolic aged garlic extract natural supplement

A good study showing how both fresh and freeze dried garlic work at stopping Candida albicans was published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology [93.3 (2002): 398-405].  This study can give us an idea of how much better fresh garlic will be at stopping a yeast infection than an aged, processed garlic product.  The researchers in this study created their own fresh garlic extract by crushing fresh cloves.  The freeze dried garlic was a garlic powder purchased by the researchers.  The study found that a concentration of fresh garlic extract would kill Candida albicans at concentrations above 10 mg / mL.  The freeze dried garlic extract was two times less effective; the freeze dried extract could only kill Candida albicans at concentrations above 20 mg / mL.

Freshly Crushed Garlic Contains Allicin

A key component of crushed garlic is allicin. Allicin is an organosulfur compound obtained from garlic that has very powerful anti-Candida efficacy.  Allicin is created when you crush up fresh garlic bulbs.  Two chemicals present in fresh garlic are alliin and the enzyme alliinase; when these two chemicals combine, they form allicin.  Allicin is quite unstable, and doesn’t stick around very long; it does help to refrigerate it to preserve it for a bit longer.  Allicin won’t form if you eat garlic whole, as the hydrochloric acid of the stomach will terminate this reaction; so, you must crush and blend up your garlic and let it sit a few minutes before you ingest it if you want allicin to get into your body.  Allicin will be able to remain intact after the first pass by the liver after you eat crushed garlic; so this chemical will make it to the intestines to start killing off Candida.  Although allicin does eventually break down, the resulting chemical derivatives of allicin also likely have therapeutic value.  A  study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology [93.3 (2002): 398-405] had this to say regarding allicin:

The assumption that all of the antimicrobial properties are produced by allicin has been supported by many in vitro studies. However, the effects observed in vivo are more likely to arise from the metabolic products of degradation. Although allicin itself has shown first-pass clearance in the liver, thereby maintaining concentrations high enough to cause considerable pathogen cell damage, it fails to reach systemic levels as high as those demonstrated by its degradative metabolic components, primarily due to its short half-life in biological tissue. However, there is no doubt that allicin plays a major role in the activity of garlic and inhibitory mechanisms have been proposed.

One study demonstrating the ability of allicin to inhibit Candida species was published in the journal Microbes and Infection [1.2 (1999): 125-129].  The study found that a very small concentration of allicin--measured in micrograms / milliliter--was enough to inhibit all the species of Candida it was tested on.  The chart below was taken from the study and shows the micrograms of allicin per milliliter that was required to totally inhibit Candida growth.  Also note that the study refers to Candida glabrata by this yeast’s old name ‘Torulopsis glabrata.’

The ability of allicin to eliminate Candida infections fast
Caption: Note that MIC stands for minimum inhibitory concentration--the lowest amount of a substance required to stop the growth of an organism.


Only freshly crushed or pureed garlic contains allicin; kyolic garlic does not!

Fresh crushed garlic does contain the powerful, yet quickly degradable, chemical allicin.  This is perhaps the key reason why fresh garlic extract can kill off Candida at much lower concentrations than aged, processed garlic products that have seen their allicin break down long ago.  Perhaps the only reason to use an aged kyolic garlic extract in lieu of fresh garlic is to reduce undesirable ‘garlic body odor.’  The first study this article looked at did show that there is some physiological mechanism that occurs in the body that will allow such aged garlic supplements to ameliorate Candida removal from the body.  Yet, fresh garlic has far stronger power to directly assault and kill Candida.  And, since fresh garlic contains much the same chemical makeup as a kyolic garlic, you likely get any benefits kyolic garlic provides from fresh garlic.

So, if you are desiring to use the most powerful garlic supplement, skip the aged kyolic garlic extract and go with the cheaper, homemade version.  You will find that eating blended fresh garlic is all but impossible.  Therefore, you should purchase some empty 00 gelatin capsules and place the pureed garlic in them and swallow them.  This will allow you to avoid the terrible taste and still get as much garlic as you want in your system.

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Sarah Summer Yeast Infection

If you have been looking into treating Candida problems naturally, you may have already heard about Sarah Summer.  Sarah was like many unfortunate women who routinely are the victim of vaginal Candidiasis.  The problem Sarah found was that the products and drugs used for treating yeast infections merely address the surface level symptoms--leaving the deeper physiological issues that instigate repeat infections untouched.

The cycle of vaginal Candida outbreaks and subsequent treatment went on for a considerable amount of time in Sarah’s life.  Things changed when Sarah was put into an uncomfortable, stressful situation--Sarah developed a particularly severe vaginal yeast infection that her doctor said was not totally curable.  Apparently, the yeast in her vagina had developed into a mold and sent deep tendrils into her body; entrenching itself inside her.  

Faced with having to live with this health problem for the foreseeable future, Sarah decided to get her hands on any answers she could find.  Sarah’s husband Robert also stepped up to help his wife get the truth about her condition; and, the two began researching diligently.  Sarah states that she practically “lived” in a medical library.  Sarah began to focus on understanding the root causes of her Candida problems and seeing how natural herbs and remedies could be used to address Candida.  After trying many products, reading and researching, Sarah finally arrived at a new solution that actually worked.  Sarah found, that after using this new approach, she was totally healed from her vaginal yeast infection.  And, the recurrent yeast infections she had dealt with also totally went away.  Finally, Sarah had the answer for her health, and her life was now no longer interrupted by an infuriating Candida outbreak.

Sarah shared her success with others and showed them how to try her system; and, those who tried Sarah’s strategy found their yeast infections were gone in about 12 hours.  Sarah has since written an extensive book detailing exactly how to replicate her success and what natural remedies she used to eliminate Candida.  Sarah’s book is published by a large online publisher--a subsidiary of the U.S. based firm Keynetics Incorporated.  Sarah also wants to help people who may have been “burned” before by bad products; and, so offers a generous 8 week, 100% money back guarantee on her book.  Sarah allows refunds for ANY reason; so, if you try her system and find your yeast infection isn’t rapidly cleared up, just contact Sarah’s publisher and you’ll promptly receive all your money back.  And, Sarah’s book is available as a digital downloadable PDF ebook; so there is no need to return anything.

If you’d like to find out more about Sarah’s personal struggle with Candida, see testimonies of others who used her book, or see some of the extras Sarah includes with her work; you can find out more information at Sarah Summer’s website.



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