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Garlic Yeast Infection Remedy

The Efficacy of Garlic Yeast Infection Remedies

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Garlic has been utilized as a medicinal herb for millenia.  John Heinerman, Ph.D., states in The Healing Benefits of Garlic: From Pharaohs to Pharmacists, that garlic was first used in the ancient civilization of Sumeria to aid patients with a variety of health maladies.  Garlic was used by the Sumerians to reduce fevers, cure loose bowels, stop painful swellings, ease strained muscles, kill intestinal parasites, and as a general tonic.  Heinerman also relates that the ancient Egyptians also used garlic to heal cavities; a pulp of smashed garlic was mixed with honey and applied to the toothache.

How Garlic Yeast Infection Remedies Work: Allicin

One reason why fresh garlic will help stop a yeast infection is the chemical allicin.  Allicin is an extremely powerful constituent of fresh, crushed garlic.  Allicin is created when another constituent of garlic, alliin combines with the enzyme in garlic alliinase.  When alliin and alliinase combine they create the chemical compound allicin.

Allicin has been shown to exhibit powerful antimicrobial properties.  Allicin is has strong antibacterial activity and is capable of eliminating many different types of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.  Allicin has also been shown to be an effective killer of fungus, particularly Candida albicans the fungus which causes most yeast infections.  Allicin is also able to stop viruses and allicin also is capable of killing parasites.     

Allicin for Yeast Infection

Allicin is a very unstable chemical compound; in pure form allicin’s half life is less than three hours.  If refrigerated in cold enough temperatures allicin may last for two days at the most.  To get the most allicin possible, make sure you use fresh, undamaged garlic in any garlic yeast infection remedy.  Remember, when you crush fresh garlic, the chemical alliin combines with alliinase to create allicin.  You only have a short period of time to use it before the unstable allicin decomposes.

You will not be able to get allicin through eating fresh garlic due to the fact that alliinase is deactivated when it is in an environment with a pH of 3 or lower.  Gastric acid has a pH of 1 to 2; consequently gastric acid deactivates alliinase.  Without alliinase, the necessary reaction between alliin and alliinase will not occur and no allicin will be produced in the stomach.  You may wish to first crush fresh garlic thoroughly before eating it to ensure you actually are getting allicin from the garlic.

How Garlic Yeast Infection Remedies Work: Ajoene

Ajoene is a chemical compound that is present in garlic that has been shown to have medicinal properties.  A study done in Japan and reported in the March 1987 issue of Applied and Environmental Microbiology showed that ajoene showed strong activity against two forms of fungi: Aspergillus niger and Candida albicans.

Ajoene is also capable of stopping various skin yeast infections such as ringworm, jock itch, and athlete’s foot.  Ringworm and jock itch can be treated with a garlic gel containing a 0.6% concentration of ajoene; a garlic gel with a 1% concentration of ajoene can treat athlete’s foot.  Garlic gel with a 1% concentration of ajoene is comparable in effectiveness to Lamisil.

Natural Remedy for Yeast Infection

Although a properly prepared garlic yeast infection remedy is an efficacious healer of yeast infections brought on by Candida albicans, it is probably not as effective as the natural treatments espoused by Sarah Summer.  Summer’s safe, natural treatments can cure a yeast infection in only 12 hours to three days depending upon the severity of the yeast infection.  Summer’s treatment regimens are insured by an eight week, 100% money back guarantee; all orders are processed by Clickbank, a subsidiary of Keynetics Incorporated.  If you have any questions for Sarah Summer, you can easily contact her by using her email address located at the bottom of her website


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