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Natural Cures for Yeast Infections

Natural Home Remedies That Can Help with Candida Yeast

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Natural Cures for Yeast Infections

There are a vast assortment of natural treatment methods espoused by various authors and herbalists.  Some natural remedies propounded by experts can be quite involved and require you to adhere to strict dietary protocols.  Other natural remedies involve using various herbs that are possess natural fungicidal constituents.

Without correcting the root causes of a yeast infection, many avenues of dealing with yeast infections will not halt yeast infection recurrence.  Adhering to a anti-Candida diet can help stop yeast infections, but these diets are often difficult to follow and require you to not ingest anything with a high sugar content.  Once you cheat on an anti-Candida diet a yeast infection can manifest again soon after you cheat on your diet.

Herbal treatments are powerful methods to treat a yeast infection, but must be employed each time a yeast infection occurs.  Herbs are therefore comparable in their effectiveness as over the counter products and prescription medications.

Home Remedies that can Help

  • Avoid wearing anything but white cotton underwear for you undergarments.  Cotton can help keep the vaginal area free of moisture by giving air to naturally dry the vaginal area as you go through your day.  In addition to wearing only white cotton underwear, choosing to wear loose fitting jeans is another way you can help keep air circulating around the vagina.  Tight jeans may reduce the amount of air that can circulate in the vaginal area, making it more apt to trap moisture and become conducive to the development of yeast fungi.
  • Yeast infections are sometimes caused by a change in the pH of the vagina, and even if they are not, lowering the pH of the vagina via vinegar can be a wise course of action.  You can use a douche consisting of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water to treat yourself.  Simply put two tablespoons of ACV in one quart of room temperature distilled water and douche twice a day with this solution.  The ACV will help to lower the pH of the vagina and make it less conducive to the growth of yeast fungi.
  • If you are bothered by athlete’s foot you can also use vinegar to help cure your feet of the fungus which causes athlete’s foot.  You can soak your feet in a solution of 50% water and 50% apple cider vinegar for approximately 10 minutes each day until your symptoms of athlete's foot subside.
  • If you want to help prevent athlete’s foot, you can wear socks created with fabrics that help to pull moisture away from your skin.  Fabrics that can help keep moisture off of the skin include Polartec, CoolMax, nylon, and acrylic.
  • Make sure your skin does not come in contact with another person’s fungal infection.  Oral thrush can be transferred from a baby’s mouth to a mother’s nipple; therefore you should sterilize your baby’s bottle and make sure you do not breast feed while your baby has oral thrush.  You can also be prepared for walking in showers and pools by ensuring you have some type of shoes or sandals on your feet; thus preventing fungus from transferring to your feet from a wet floor.

Vitamins to Help the Body Fight a Yeast Infection


The immune system plays an important role in keeping your physiological condition in a healthy status.  There are a plethora of health maladies that can cause the immune system to function at less than an optimal level.  In addition to health maladies, there are also medical procedures, e.g. chemotherapy and radiation treatments, that can also weaken the immune system.  To help ensure that your body has everything it needs to have a powerful immune system, you can provide it with essential vitamins and minerals.  Vitamins and minerals play many diverse roles in the body and some roles these micronutrients play involve the immune system.

Vitamins like A, C, and E and the B vitamins are all required by the immune system for various functions.  Minerals like zinc, copper, and iron are also necessary for the body’s immune system to function optimally.  Keeping your body supplied with the right amounts of these chemicals can ensure you are properly nourishing your body.  This is even more important if you are having to endure the agony of a yeast infection!

You can get extra vitamins and minerals in your diet by eating foods that are rich in these micronutrients or by taking a dietary supplements; e.g., multivitamins.  Make sure you investigate the recommended daily allowance of each nutrient before you begin supplementation.  It is especially important not to ingest too much fat soluble vitamins, as these vitamins can build up in your system and cause adverse physiological reactions.  If you are not sure about how much of a specific nutrient you should consume, talk to a licensed physician before you implement a routine of taking the nutrient.  


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