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Monistat 1 Day Vs. Linda Allen’s Book

Is Monistat 1 Day As Effective As Linda Allen’s Natural Cure?

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Monistat 1 Day

In order to not get sued the makers of Monistat 1 Day need to include a sentence in their rhetoric that states that their product may not work in just one day. You can find this information on the insert that comes with the Monistat package. Hardly legitimate advertising if you ask me; perhaps they don't say this on their box, but only on the pamphlet that comes inside ( calls it a “product insert”). According to MONISTAT® 1 Combination Pack 1-Day OVULE® with DAY or NIGHT® formula's product insert: “this is a 1-dose treatment. Most women do not get complete relief of their symptoms in just 1 day. Most women get some improvement in 1 day and complete relief by 7 days.” (source: product insert pdf)

When the product insert says that most women do not get complete relief it is saying that over 50% of all women who use this product will not be cured in just one day. Why would they advertise this product as being a one day cure if so many women failed to see results in just one day? Additionally, the product insert goes on to say that they will see complete relief in seven days; but what does that mean? Do you have to leave the medication in the vagina for seven total days to cure your yeast infection? And if you don't leave it in for seven days, will the remaining yeast regrow and infect you once again? It seems logical that most women will want to have sex or use tampons (many women get yeast infections right before their periods due to hormonal changes) and it will be hard to keep the medication in. It logically follows that you might need to buy 7 packages of Monistat 1-Day and use it for seven days to finally eliminate your yeast infection.

Linda Allen's Yeast Infection No More can cure a yeast infection in 12 hours and can stop even chronic, recurrent yeast infections. Once you get your hands on this book, you will never need to buy an over-the-counter or prescription medication for yeast infections again. Learn more about Linda Allen's treatment program here at this page.


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