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Yeast Infection Tests

Long and Short Free Home Yeast Infection Tests

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The Short Home Yeast Infection Test

Picture of Dr. William Crook M.D.Click here to take the short yeast infection test.
Both males and females can use this short home yeast infection examination to determine their likelihood of having health problems related to Candida albicans.  This short yeast infection test is comprised of ten questions; each question being assigns a unique score value.  If you do not have much time available; consider using this simple home yeast infection test.  Please keep in mind this test is not suitable for children.

The Long Home Yeast Infection Test

Click here to take the long yeast infection test.
This yeast infection test is a more in-depth evaluation of your symptoms and physiological history.  This longer yeast infection test can provide you with a more sure answer to your questions about a Candida-related health malady.  If you can afford a little time, this test will add up your score for you and help you expedite the process of determining if you indeed suffer from a yeast related health condition.  Additionally, the long version of the home yeast infection test available at this website takes into consideration that both male and female individuals can suffer from a Candida albicans infection.  So if you happen to be male and are debating if your health maladies are yeast related, this questionnaire should accommodate you.

The questionnaire is divided into three sections: section A, section B, and section C.  Section A of the home yeast infection test focuses on the aspects of your personal medical history which are valuable in determining your probability for developing Candida albicans.  Historical factors that induce the growth of Candida albicans and factors found in people with yeast related health maladies are taken into consideration.

Section B of the home yeast infection test is a list of symptoms which are commonly present in individuals with yeast-related physiological problems. Section C of the yeast infection test deals with symptoms that are occasionally discovered in individuals with yeast-related health problems.

Utilizing this home yeast infection test should allay any questions about the source of your current health malady.  Despite the length of this yeast infection examination, it will not provide you with a definite “yes” or “no” answer.  This test can merely suggest a probability of your health problems being related to an infection of Candida albicans.  Click here to take the long yeast infection test.  Please keep in mind this test is not suitable for children.


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