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Home Yeast Infection Test

A Yeast Infection Test You Can Take at Home

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Home Yeast Infection TestIf you have been searching for an efficacious home yeast infection test than please view this page of this website: yeast infection tests.  The home yeast infection tests found on this website can help you to self-diagnose your problems and determine if they are truly yeast related.  

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An Efficacious Home Yeast Infection Test

PH Test to test for vaginal acidity level

An efficacious home yeast infection test can provide you with an apposite answer to your inquiry about yeast related health maladies.  A satisfactory home yeast infection test will ask all the right information into account to generate a suitable diagnosis.  Factors in your medical history that promote the growth of Candida species should be taken into account.  Prominent symptoms that are routinely found in individuals with Candida infections must be analyzed as well as symptoms which are less probable to be correlated with Candida infections.

One major clue to the presence of a Candida infestation is previous usage of broad-spectrum antibiotic medications.  Tetracycline, a broad-spectrum polyketide antibiotic, and other antibiotics prescribed as acne medications are also notorious for causing yeast infections.  The reason broad-spectrum antibiotics are a cause of yeast infection is due to the fact that these pharmaceuticals destroy friendly probiotic bacteria while they eliminate bad bacteria.  Usage of broad-spectrum antibiotics therefore cause a major decrease in friendly vaginal bacteria (such as Lactobacillus).  Lactobacillus helps to keep the vagina acidic by secreting lactic acid thereby creating on a more alkaline vaginal pH.  Probiotic bacteria also help to keep the supply of food for yeast lower by consuming it themselves.  A good yeast infection test will take previous antibiotic usage into account.

Estrogen levels in the body also appear to be positively correlated to female yeast infection occurrence.  Estrogen levels are affected by high-dose estrogen birth control pills, pregnancy, and undergoing estrogen hormone therapy.  Hormonal changes that occur during the normal menstrual cycle also can play a role in causing Candida infestations in women.  A reliable home yeast infection test will also take the body’s estrogen levels into consideration.

Ascertaining Vaginal pH with a Home Yeast Infection Test

If you are a woman, there are over-the-counter screening kits available that are nothing more than simple pH tests.  Measuring the pH of the vagina can help diagnose the type of infection that you are experiencing.  These at home yeast infection tests can ascertain the pH of your vagina; however, you still need to consider other symptoms that you are experiencing to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis.  As a result, it is often important to analyze other factors of your health and overall well-being; such analysis is provided by the home yeast infection test at this website.


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