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Bad Yeast Infection Symptoms

Common Symptoms of Bad Yeast Infections

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Yeast Related Muscle Aches and PainThere are several bad yeast infection symptoms that are clues to knowing what type of health malady you have.  The symptoms of yeast infections are quite diverse and can be agonizing to experience.  Once you understand which bad yeast infection symptoms you have, you can make your own self diagnosis.  The yeast infection tests on this website can help you to understand what is actually happening to your body as well.

Some common symptoms of Candidiasis include the following:

  • A white vaginal discharge that has a consistency similar to cottage cheese.
  • Feeling attacked by fatigue when you should not be tired.
  • Various muscle aches and pains.
  • Lack of an ability to concentrate and remember information; feeling “spaced out.”
  • Having unusual cravings for sugar
  • Having itching and irritation at the entrance to the vagina and in the inside of the vagina.
  • Feeling a burning sensation while urinating or during intercourse
  • Having headaches
  • Having problems with your bowel movements; experiencing diarrhea or constipation.

The types of symptoms you will experience when battling Candidiasis depends greatly upon where the yeast infection is located.  If you have a yeast infection in your vagina, you can expect cottage cheese like vaginal discharge and an itchy irritated vagina.  Conversely, if you have athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), you can expect to experience itching and stinging between your toes and you can even develop itchy blisters.  Make sure you consider where the bad yeast infection symptoms are manifesting as you attempt to diagnose your problem.

Picture of Dr. William Crook M.D.

One website has a helpful pdf file that contains a daily checklist for symptoms that can be tell-tale signs of a problem with Candidiasis. The website is home to the late Dr. William Crook’s work; who wrote extensively about Candida. He was perhaps the pioneer in considering yeast as a root cause for many health maladies. You’ll probably find his books facinating and quite helpful; even though they are somewhat dated. You can check out the Candida check list here.

Sarah Summer is one expert who can help you treat your yeast infection once you are certain you have a yeast infection.  If you have been taking over the counter yeast infection treatments with no avail; you should understand that the root causes of your yeast infection are not being addressed.  The result is frequent, recurrent yeast infections that never seem to go away.  Sarah Summer’s website ( will explain her experience with Candidiasis and her book will elaborate on how to definitively put an end to yeast infections.


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