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Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Practical Home Remedies You Can Employ to Beat Yeast!

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Yeast Infection Woman

There are several different home remedies for yeast infections that you can employ to help mitigate and prevent yeast infections.  These remedies might not work as well as Sarah Summer’s treatments, but they will help.

The home remedies we will discuss on this page include using vinegar, wearing white cotton underwear, contraceptive use, avoiding contact with someone who has a fungal skin infection, keeping your skin dry, using moisture wicking fabrics, and do not be overweight.

  • Using a vinegar douche is an excellent way to acidify the vagina and make it less conducive to the growth of yeast.
  • Wearing white cotton underwear is a great way to keep the vaginal area dry as cotton breaths.  In addition to wearing cotton underwear, you can also choose to wear loose fitting pants and skirts.
  • Some contraceptive creams will kill lactobacillus acidophilus, a bacteria that will help keep yeast in check.  Oral contraceptives and spermicides can alter the vaginal pH in a way that makes the vaginal pH more conducive to the growth of yeast.  Try using a condom or a diaphragm.
  • Do not make contact with someone who has a fungal infection.  To ensure you do not contract fungus from your environment, wear something on your feet when you are in bathrooms, locker rooms, and spas, and other similar areas.
  • To prevent vaginal yeast infections, keep your vaginal area dry and free from moisture.  To do this make sure you change out of wet swimsuits or workout clothes as quickly as possible.  You can also use a blow dryer when you get out of the shower to quickly dry your vaginal area.
  • Use socks with fabrics that keep moisture off of your feet to prevent athlete’s foot.  Such fabrics that take moisture away from the skin include acrylic, nylon, CoolMax, and Polartec.
  • If you are very overweight you have many more folds of skin that can trap moisture and become places where fungus can grow.  If you are overweight, make sure you do what you can to lose weight like eating healthy foods and choosing to exercise regularly.


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