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Can You Use Monistat While on Your Period

Yes, You Can Use Monistat on Your Period

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You can take Monistat while your are on your periodSo can you use Monistat while on your period?  The answer is yes according to the maker of Monistat.  But if you plan on using a one day treatment option, know that it is not likely to cure a yeast infection in just one day.  The makers of Monistat and other similar “one day” treatment options give their products names that deceive women into believing they work in just one day.  However, as you will see clearly on each of the product’s websites, these treatments will not work in one day and will take about one week to fully get rid of a yeast infection.

One Day Yeast Infection Treatments

Candida Hub has a whole page that shows you many popular “one day” over the counter treatments for Candida.  These products all seemingly purport to cure an infection in one day, but they all clearly disclaim such ideas in the fine print.  If you would like to read up on these treatments and see direct quotes from their product’s labels stating their lack of efficacy, check out this article: One Day Yeast Infection Pills.

Linda Allen’s Truely 12 Hour Treatment

If you’d like to get rid of your yeast infection in less than a day, you might like to learn a little more about Linda Allen.  Candida Hub has a full section on Allen and her own personal story of how she struggled with Candida.  If you would like to know more, you can check out Linda Allen Yeast Infection No More.

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Effective Home Cure for Candida Infections

Candida Hub has information about why you get a yeast infection before or after your period, and information on why you get an infection during ovulation.  There is a lot of knowledge to check out at Candia Hub. If you’d like to understand why this is happening to you at a certain time during your menstrual cycle, you can check out this article: Yeast Infection and Period.

At Home Remedy

If you're looking for a home remedy to effectively treat yeast infections, there is a great way to do this--all naturally.  The article At Home Yeast Infection Cure, will show you exactly how to treat your infection safely using natural remedies you may already have on hand.  A quick trip to the grocery store will be all that it takes to start using this treatment if you're missing an item.


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