Linda Allen’s Story

The Story Behind Linda Allen & Yeast Infections

Natural medicine can be just as powerful or even more powerful than conventional, synthetic drugs.  Make sure you research a natural remedy before you use it!
Natural medicine can be just as powerful or even more powerful than conventional, synthetic drugs. Make sure you research a natural remedy before you use it!

After writing Linda Allen, I was able to get a copy of her story—a brief, biographical explanation of her experience. Her story details her experiences with an arduous, systemic Candida infection that caused a wide variety of health maladies. Additionally, the narrative she gave me, details her struggle to find a cure for her Candida infection and relates how she finally arrived at her remarkable solution. I have rewritten and approximated the letter she sent me for uniqueness; but you can always contact Linda and get the original story via her email address (located on the bottom of her website).

Modern medicine often doesn’t do much but treat superficial symptoms of chronic Candida infections; leaving many people in the bonds of suffering for prolonged periods of time. You may consider me cynical, but I believe large pharmaceutical companies are not interested in providing real cures to yeast infections that permanently treat underlying causes. Yeast infection recurrence simply provides too much profit via repeat uses of over-the-counter and prescription medications.

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Pictured here is Linda Allen; she is the author of a well read book, and natural medicine expert.  She has been helping people beat Candida for years.

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Linda Allen’s Story

Linda Allen’s story began in her late teen years; in her teens, when most of her peers were in their prime, her struggles with Candida began. One winter, Allen found that she had developed a sinus infection that seemed to be incurable. Soon after her sinus started acting up, she developed a vaginal yeast infection. In time, Allen’s infections returned.

Allen decided to visit a doctor and was prescribed antibiotics by the physician. When the first round of antibiotics seemed to fail, the doctor prescribed increasingly stronger antibiotics. The antibiotic treatments seemed to work for just a few weeks; however, shortly thereafter, the symptoms returned and Linda was again plagued by her symptoms.

Allen’s repeated regimen of antibiotics went on for months; her physician did not show much concern. He would encourage her by stating that her problems were nothing to worry about, and also speculated that she was more susceptible to viral infections than most individuals are. After reassuring her, Allen’s doctor would provide her with another prescription medication.

When the spring arrived, Allen’s doctor decided to try prescribing allergy medication. The physician thought it would help clear up her nasal passageways and give her a clear head. All the efforts of the doctor seemed to slowly improve Allen’s situation; however, she still didn’t feel quite like herself.

The quotation below is Linda Allen describing her situation directly in her own words:

“To be honest, it was hard to pinpoint exactly what was wrong: I wasn’t really sick, but I wasn’t really well either. I had listlessness, fatigue, brain fog, stomach ailments, unexplained rashes, skin infections, and so on. It seemed like every day brought a new challenge.
My energy was sapped and I felt exhausted, which affected my grades and put a big dent in my social life.”

With the advent of the next summer, Allen seemed to have somewhat of a reprieve; however, her lax symptoms were fleeting. With the arrival of Christmas, she was again reliving her experiences of the previous winter. This winter was different however, and Allen had arduous, chronic, recurring yeast infections to add to the litany of her health maladies.

Many women, and even men, can attest to the torment a chronic yeast infection can bring about. Allen’s symptoms included an embarrassing (occasionally putrid smelling) vaginal discharge, onerous itching, and burning sensations. This was an unpalatable experience for a young girl. Allen states these infections of Candida can become excruciating when they recur as frequently as your menstrual period.

In addition to her vaginal yeast infections, Allen also dealt with many varieties of repeat infections. Allen always seemed to have bronchitis, a headache, a cold, or some other physiological ailment. Those who knew her best, and were around her regularly, began to wonder if she was a hypochondriac; or, if she was sicker than she was letting others know about. Allen was starting to wonder the same thing!

With all the pain she experienced, Allen knew her symptoms were not fictional; she began to wonder if she had some horrible pathosis that was responsible for all her symptoms. In response to her physiological state, Allen began seeing every physician she could get an appointment with. Allen started by seeing a general practitioner; then got an appointment with a gynecologist; next she visited an ear, nose, and throat specialist. She even visited an endocrinologist. Linda Allen kept visiting more doctors and medical experts after this; however, she could not find any solution to her health maladies.

Every new physician Allen visited simply took a few tests, prescribed her a treatment, and say it would solve all of her problems. Occasionally the treatments would work for a short time; but, in time, her symptoms would return—often worse than before.

Linda Allen spent thousands of dollars to alleviate ongoing infections over the years. The result of these expensive medicinal regimens was a plethora of side effects and a drastically lowered savings account. Allen’s family also helped pay for her accrued medical expenses; this cost to them left their bank accounts depleted as well.

After Linda Allen got tired of trying traditional methods and treatments that didn’t work, she decided to try a whole new strategy. Allen first changed her diet and took many vitamin supplements. If she read anywhere that something might treat any of her pathoses, she would add it to her repertoire of treatments. Allen tried chiropractics, acupuncture, and massage in hopes that something might allay her symptoms.

With all her work and visits to the doctor, the amount Allen spent on her treatments would be enough to purchase her first home. Despite her efforts, Allen remained cooped up in a tiny apartment due to the fact she couldn’t find anything better. Allen’s health kept deteriorating despite her efforts, and she continued to wax worse and worse. In Allen’s own words, “I tried everything!”

Linda Allen’s book on Candida has been tried and tested by individuals from all over the world.  It might be something that greatly augments the quality of your life.
Linda Allen’s book on Candida has been tried and tested by individuals from all over the world. It might be something that greatly augments the quality of your life.

When Linda Allen’s 30th birthday got close, she decided that she would have to take some decisive action. In Allen’s mind, the time had come for her to get determined and find some answers to her problems. At this time, Allen became a real fanatic about holistic medicine. Allen made an appointment with a naturopath; and although this man didn’t provide a solution, he did set her on a new direction that would lead to a more healthy life.

One important breakthrough came from seeing the naturopath—Allen discovered that she was suffering from a Candida albicans infection. Allen first learned here that she had indeed become the victim of a systemic yeast infection. The yeast fungi had invaded much of her body; this was why her symptoms were so diverse and continued to escalate. According to Allen, the yeast had first attacked her vagina and sinuses. In time, the yeast began to spread and attack the organs and tissues it came into contact with. This resulted in Allen feeling sick all of the time.

Once Linda Allen knew her problem was Candida, she had a new obstacle to overcome—eliminating yeast from her body. Allen’s naturopath tried all the remedies in his arsenal; however, despite showing some improvement, she was still plagued by her health maladies. After trying the naturopath’s treatments and getting limited success, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

In her desperation, Allen began to seek out information regarding Candida infections: how Candida infected the body, how Candida could affect the body’s organs, and how to eliminate this pathogen from the body.

Allen began to study intensely, and bought every book on yeast infections, dermatology, hormonal production, dieting, detox programs, and nutrition that she could find. Allen spent hours at the library reading journals, magazines, and combing through stacks of books. She literally read dozens of medical books from cover to cover. In addition to reading, Allen began to interview many other yeast infection sufferers. She also spoke at length with physicians, herbalists, homeopathic practitioners, and naturopaths that had enough empathy for her to lend some of their time.

During the years she sought a solution to her body’s problems, Allen spent a great deal of money experimenting with different types of products and treatment methodologies. Vitamin therapy, detoxification diets, Cellfood Oxygen, tonics, tinctures, Threelac, herbal remedies, prescription drugs, antibiotics, over-the-counter medicines, the blood type diet, the mucus-less diet, the Wai diet, magnetic therapy, Chinese medicine, vegetarianism, hydrotherapy, macrobiotics, aromatherapy, reflexology, and other systems. These were all implemented by Allen in attempts to cure her yeast problems. Unfortunately, Allen was not able to find a solution; she still was plagued by a chronic yeast infection.

After the failure of her grand experiment, Allen decided to terminate the supposed “anti-yeast” treatments completely. Allen could see no point in continuing these treatment regimens. At their best, such arduous treatments seemed to bear good fruit only for a limited amount of time. Additionally, many of these short-term solutions instigated a myriad of side effects, and cost her a great deal of money.

Allen become dejected after suffering so much and working so hard to find a solution that could remedy her frequent ailments. In Allen’s own words, she states:

“Many times I honestly felt that I would never get rid of it. I truly felt like a prisoner in my own body. I remember telling myself: ’Give up, let it go. Everyone has a cross to bear, and yours is yeast infection. Stop fighting and accept it.’”

Despite her setbacks, Linda refused to give up. It took a few more years of research, and then she began to start seeing some logical connections. One revelation she had, was that of discerning a real cure for Candida infestation would have to address the underlying root circumstances promoting the growth of yeast in the body. Allen stated that she then began to see the importance of healing the whole body from the inside out.

In response to her latest breakthrough, Allen began to seek out information about any yeast treatment she could find. It did not matter to Allen if only one in 100,000 people said a treatment regimen worked; she would document it and try it out for herself. With each new remedy she tried, Allen wrote down how the treatment worked, the side effects it caused, and any other pertinent information about the treatment. After cycling through hundreds of treatments, she began to look for any distinguishable patterns, and sought to discover if some treatments could be combined to achieve the maximum effect.

According to Linda Allen, this process brought about a startling result. Allen describes what she found as simply “amazing.”

It took a long, arduous 12 years of suffering, but then Allen suddenly came across a “missing piece to the Candida yeast infection puzzle” that finally brought her relief. At last Allen had found a way to completely get rid of her yeast infection. In addition to curing her chronic yeast infection, Allen’s sinus problems and stomach maladies disappeared. She also, at last, lost the lethargy and felt her energy return too.

To be safe, Allen decided to return to a few physicians and ask them to run tests on her; a prudent course of action which would guarantee she had indeed found a solution. Fortunately for Allen, her test results showed that all indicators of infection had disappeared. She was healthy again, at long last.

Linda Allen’s general practitioner was curious and inquired of her as to how she had been cured. After delineating her program, Allen’s general practitioner was amazed. The general practitioner told Allen “I think you might have something here.” The general practitioner advised Allen to have several other chronic Candida sufferers give her program a try as well. Allen took this advice, and began to follow it.

Allen’s past work had led her to many blogs and Candida forums; using these avenues, she quickly found people to give her new remedy a try. Allen’s program was appealing because she gave them a safe alternative to the hazardous treatments offered by medical practitioners.

Linda has a great video on her website you can watch to learn more about her book.  You can also skip the video and just read about some great results several people had using her treatment protocol.
Linda has a great video on her website you can watch to learn more about her book. You can also skip the video and just read about some great results several people had using her treatment protocol.

After sending her program to several dozen yeast infection sufferers, Linda Allen began to wait for their response. In a short period of time, Allen began to receive all types of communiques from individuals all over the world. The people who tried her program related to her the good news about how their symptoms were literally disappearing. Allen concluded that her program indeed worked, and many more people were contacting her and requesting her help. Allen decided that it was time to share her hard-earned discovery with the world. The fruit of her struggle and research was then put into her literary work Yeast Infection no More. In this book, Allen outlines how to effectively treat a yeast infection yourself, and have it gone in 12 hours.

If you would like to hear some of the feedback from people who have read Linda Allen’s work, you can visit her website at Yeast Infection No More. At the date of this writing, there are currently many testimonies of people who have been rapidly cured of their yeast infections. If you have any questions for Linda, be sure to contact her via the email address located towards the bottom of her website. She always responds quickly to my inquiries.


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