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Questions about "Yeast Infection No More"

Questions you may have about the e-book ‘Yeast Infection no More.’
Questions you may have about the e-book ‘Yeast Infection no More.’

QUESTION: How could Linda Allen construct an efficacious treatment that can stop recurring yeast infections better than prescription drugs and over the counter yeast infection products?

ANSWER: By consistently purchasing over the counter products and prescription drugs, large corporations have a very good avenue for acquiring your hard earned wealth. If the large corporations, who specialize in creating over the counter products and drugs for yeast infections, produced products that cured recurrent yeast infections, they would not be able to continue selling their products repeatedly. Many people would essentially become just a one time customer. There simply is not enough financial incentive for the producers of these conventional treatments to invest the time and money on research and develop to produce a solution for recurrent yeast infections.

In addition to not being willing to develop a solution to recurrent yeast infections, large corporations are not willing to invest their resources into natural treatments for this problem. Natural treatments are too easily acquired for little expense; therefore, there is little financial incentive to sell natural remedies. You can read more about how Linda Allen exhausted various conventional avenues of yeast infection treatments at Linda Allen’s website.

Consequently, Linda Allen’s natural remedies for yeast infections of various types all can work as well or better than popular yeast infection treatments. Even by taking Monistat 1-Day, you cannot expect your infection to be ended in just one day. According to Monistat’s website’s description of this product, their product may actually take up to seven whole days to treat a yeast infection:

It's important to know that all yeast infections may take up to seven days to cure completely. So just because you are taking a 1-Day treatment does not necessarily mean your yeast infection will be cured immediately. MONISTAT® 1-Day treatment's strong and effective formula works for days after to help cure your yeast infection. (source:; read more about Monistat 1-Day here)

In addition to taking up to seven days, the antifungal drug in Monistat, miconazole, can have some very real side effects. The side effects of using miconazole include the following:

ACV is an exceptional home remedy for heartburn (and you don’t need to buy an expensive kind like Braggs).  Natural medicine can be more effective that prescription drugs at curing mild health maladies.
ACV is an exceptional home remedy for heartburn (and you don’t need to buy an expensive kind like Braggs). Natural medicine can be more effective that prescription drugs at curing mild health maladies.

One excellent example of a natural cure, that receives little attention by the mainstream media, is the apple cider vinegar cure for heartburn. Many individuals who take a few tablespoons of undiluted apple cider vinegar when they experience heartburn, find that the heartburn goes right away. Apple cider vinegar is not something that companies can make profits from like over the counter products and prescription drugs. If you watch television on a regular basis, you will find it hard to miss commercials for heartburn treatments. Buying expensive air time to run commercials must make financial sense; consequently, these commercials are a testament to how much money is being made from these medications.

Possibly the reason you do not see drugs that can halt recurrent yeast infections permanently is the same reason you will not see commercials proclaiming the benefits of apple cider vinegar for heartburn: money. There is too much money involved in repeatedly selling products that never deal with the root causes of yeast infections. Similarly, there is also not as much money to be made by selling apple cider vinegar for heartburn; there is more money to be made by companies via selling over the counter drugs and prescription medications.

If you want the some of efficacious treatments for yeast infections, that are all-natural and can treat a yeast infection safely in about 12 hours, Linda Allen’s publication might be right for you.

QUESTION: If Linda Allen’s treatment methodology is so effective, why is her publication, Yeast Infection No More, only available in a digital format?

ANSWER: There are perhaps a plethora of reasons why Allen made her decision to publish her book electronically via ClickBank (ClickBank is one of the Internet’s largest online retailers and is a subsidiary of Keynetics Incorporated, a firm based in Boise, Idaho). But probably the most prominent reason why Allen resolved to publish her book electronically was financial in nature.

Publishing a book electronically ensures that there is no cost involved in printing physical copies of the book. Without having to go through the business process of creating a physical copy of a book, and pay for the expenses this process entails, there is significantly more money available for the author to take a share of. It just makes sound financial sense, that in today’s rapidly modernizing world, utilizing technology to improve one’s income is wise course of action.

Linda Allen has excellent support.  If you need help, her program will provide you with assistance to get you healthy again.

There are other reasons why an individual would wish to publish a book electronically instead of in the traditional physical format. Aside from making more money, here are a few other possible reasons why authors and people may favor digital books:

  1. Processing refunds for unsatisfied customers is much more simplistic. Electronic books do not require reverse logistics and other costly business operations to carry out. With a few easy steps, a customer can have their money refunded easily. By publishing her book via ClickBank, their refund program can do the work of helping any unsatisfied customers. An author does not need to be directly involved in the process at all, everything is handled professionally by ClickBank.
  2. You can easily store a digital book on your computer, smartphone, or on another electronic storage device.
  3. Electronic books do not suffer the “wear and tear” damage a physical book does, and can stay in perfect shape indefinitely.
  4. Accessing the information within an electronic book is much easier than accessing information from a physical book. All that is required is a simple search and you can quickly find the items which match your search criteria in the electronic book.
  5. Publishing books electronically ensures that less paper is used in the creation of each copy; consequently, electronic books help reduce the amount of paper that people use.

Electronic books are becoming more popular; it may be a safe assumption to make to say that people will use electronic books even more in the future.

QUESTION: Can I access Linda Allen’s book via my mobile phone or portable electronic book reading device?

ANSWER: Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More book is available for you to download in a Portable Document Format (PDF). Each type of electronic device has different capabilities, but if they allow you to read PDFs, than you can certainly use your device to read Allen’s book.


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