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Kristina Tomlin EBook Questions

Questions About Kristina Tomlin & BV Cures

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Questions About Kristina Tomlin and her BV Cures BookQuestion: How could Kristina Tomlin develop such an efficacious treatment which is better than antibiotics and over the counter bacterial vaginosis products?

Repeat usage of a product is one way over the counter medications and antibiotic manufacturers keep customers buying.  Without repeat use a product would not be nearly as highly in demand; as a result little money is spent to develop complete treatments that solve bacterial vaginosis permanently.

If you consider for a moment heartburn medication, heartburn medication is an excellent example of profiting off of reuse.  If you have done any research of natural medicine’s answer to heartburn it is probable that you have learned about apple cider vinegar.  A few teaspoons taken straight, without water, is capable of stopping heartburn.  This method is not profitable so you do not see millions of dollars spent on television commercials like you see proton pump inhibitors and antacids.  

Kristina Tomlin Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Kristina Tomlin’s 3 Days To Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief work is not a rarity, other natural medicine experts have developed effective treatments for a wide variety of health maladies; however, the internet is the vehicle these alternative cures use to purvey their work.  If you visit Kristina Tomlin’s website you can read her story and learn how she broke the cycle of recurrent bacterial vaginosis infections.

Question:  If Kritina Tomlin’s treatments are so novel, why is her work 3 Days To Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief not available in only a digital format?

There are a plethora of reasons why Tomlin choose to publish her book via the large electronic publisher known as ClickBank (A subsidiary of Keynetics Inc.).  Most notable are the financial reasons for publishing electronically.  Large print publishing companies simply take too much money and there are several steps involved in publishing a physical book.  At every step in a printed book someone is making money and taking their slice of the pie.  Conversely, online publishing has fewer middlemen and allows authors to make much more money from their work.  

Here are some other reasons why authors like Tomlin favor electronic publishing over conventional physical publishing:

  1. Electronic books can be delivered instantly and do not require the purchaser to visit or store or library.
  2. Searching through an electronic book is far more easier; the contents of the book are therefore much easier to peruse.
  3. Processing refunds for unsatisfied customers is much easier.  A guarantee on a book also allows customers to easily procure a copy without risk.  And, Kristina Tomlin offers an 8 week money back guarantee on her book for those interested in trying it.
  4. Storing electronic books is much simpler.  You can mail yourself your electronic book and keep it for as long as you hold your email address.
  5. An electronic book will never suffer wear and tear damage and can remain in perfect shape forever!
  6. If you ever require a physical copy all you need to do is print the contents.  Whether it be a section or the whole book, you can quickly produce a physical copy with the push of a button.

Electronic books are becoming more popular as the means to access them are becoming more ubiquitous.  It is a fair assumption to make that many more books will continue to be published electronically and distributed online as we progress towards the future.

If you have any further questions for Kristina Tomlin, use the email address located at the bottom of her website, to contact her.


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