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Candida Glabrata Treatment Guidelines

How to Treat Candida Glabrata

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A sample of Candida glabrata--a yeast pathogen that can cause yeast infectionsCandida glabrata is a type of yeast that was once not given too much attention.  It was thought to merely exist commensally inside humans and not pose much of a threat.  The increasing rise of people with suppressed immune systems has created a population of individuals who struggle with the opportunistic yeast Candida glabrata.

Once called Torulopsis glabrata, Candida glabrata is fundamentally different from other Candida species in its nondimorphic blastoconidial morphology and haploid genome.  That is some pretty complex medical jargon, so lets define what this means a little.

Non dimorphic morphology means that this fungus does not grow in two different ways.  Some fungi grow with tendrils and hyphae (long, branching structure of fungus) at say room temperature, and as a yeast at body temperature.  Candida albicans, for instance, is able to grow hyphae and to send tendrils into your body tissue.  This is done so that albicans can get itself attached to your body and assure its continued growth (International Journal of Microbiology Volume 2012).  Consequently you do not have to worry about Candida glabrata growing tendrils into your tissue; thus it is less dangerous.

Vitamins can strengthen the immune system against Candida glabrata infections.

One woman, who suffered from recurrent yeast infections for a prolonged period of time, suffered from tendrils of yeast in her vagina.  The yeast became a mold and the doctors could offer no competent solution.  This woman, Sarah Summer, eventually developed a capable natural treatment and you can visit her website to get more information.  Her book comes with an 8 week refund guarantee for those who decide to get her entire work.

Blastocondial morphology means this fungus reproduces asexually by producing buds.  A haploid genome means this fungus only has one set of chromosomes; in contrast humans have two (one from each parent) and that is called diploid.  In some cases Candida albicans will actually mate with other albicans yeasts; however, it can also reproduce asexually.

Who is Vulnerable to Candida glabrata?

The individuals most likely to suffer from this species of Candida are those with a weakened immune system.  Perhaps the most obvious group of people at risk are people with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).  But truly anyone with a compromised immune system is at risk, not just individuals with HIV.  Patients with cancer are often susceptible because of  corticosteroids, catheters, chemotherapy treatments, abdominal surgical procedures, and antibacterial drugs.  Even if you don’t have cancer and you have taken powerful antibiotics that kill bacteria that live without oxygen, you could be more susceptible to Candida glabrata (Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2005 Jan; 49(1): 438–440).  

According to a study published in Clinical Microbiology Reviews [12.1 (1999): 80-96], Candida glabrata is innately more resistant to antimycotic drugs than other species in the genus. The widespread use of antimycotic drugs has been one reason why Candida glabrata has become a more prevalent cause of infection. Despite the lack of virulence factors present in this yeast, its ability to prove lethal would suggest it remains quite pathogenic, regardless of its shortcomings. Thus, if you have a history of using prescription antifungals, you may be more at risk for this yeast due to its tolerance of such drugs.

Candida Glabrata Natural Treatment

If you are looking to rid the body of Candida glabrata, you might find some natural remedies useful--even if you are using conventional prescription drugs as well.  This website is full of natural cures for yeast infections.  It would probably be prudent to fast for a day (drinking only water if you can) and then take two bulbs of garlic, put the cloves in a blender and blend it up.  Blending up the garlic will release chemicals and the compound allicin will be formed in about 10 minutes.  So let it set in the blender for 10 minutes.

Then, put the crushed garlic cloves into empty pill capsules (you can buy them very cheap online) and swallow all the garlic.  Crushed garlic is so strong you will not be able to drink the mixture down, you will need to put it in capsules.  After you have taken the pills, you may want to drink a big cup of water.  Try not to eat anything for several hours, let the mixture process through your digestive system.  If you can go to sleep after this, it would probably be best.

After many hours have passed or you wake up in the morning, eat again and take some herbal tea and mix a drop of each of the following essential oils in it: oregano, clove, thyme, and cinnamon.  If you are comfortable and you know what is safe, add more essential oil if you wish.  Make sure you take this tea at least once a day.

For several days you will need to replenish the healthy probiotic microbiota in your digestive system.  It would probably be best to make your own acidophilus yogurt if you can; however, you can also take live acidophilus culture pills as well.  Take these as the directions prescribe for at least two weeks.

This procedure should help to rid the digestive system of Candida glabrata and give you the edge in your fight; even if you are taking prescription drugs (azoles, etc.) at the same time.  This can help you as well if you suffer from repeated yeast infections.  Often yeast lives in the gut and makes its way to the vagina and reinfects the vagina.  Stopping yeast in your gut could give you complete victory over recurrent yeast infections.

More information on these treatments:

Candidemia (Fungemia) and Death Risks

If you are a person with a compromised immune system, and you have developed an infection of Candida glabrata in the blood, make sure you seek professional medical treatment right away.  Mortality for individuals with Candida in the blood (also referred to as Candidemia or fungemia) is not uncommon; people often die from this.  This is a condition where you do not want to rely solely on the advice of the internet alone, as this condition can be lethal.

One study, published in the Korean Journal of Internal Medicine (Korean J Intern Med. 2009 Sep;24(3):263-269), found that Candida glabrata was more lethal than the albicans species.  Overall, 67% of all patients with Candidemia died from it.  So its danger is quite severe.

If you are talking with a doctor and want some natural remedies to assist your battle with Candidemia, then you can always peruse other sections of this website for a good deal of information.



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