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The Best Yeast Infection Pill

Natural Yeast Infection Pills That Work!

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Yeast Infection PillIf you have a problem with yeast overgrowing in your body somewhere you probably want to learn how to get rid of it effectively.  What you may not know is that the fungus causing your infection (a species of Candida) can become resistant quite rapidly to prescription medications (as a study we will discuss later will reveal).  If you have been seeing little results with such drugs this is probably why you haven’t been getting better.  Fortunately, nature presents us with many powerful antifungal plants that are scientifically proven to work as good, if not better than even prescription antifungal medications.  Natural Candida cures are even powerful killers of drug resistant yeast.  Additionally, natural remedies are safer and don’t come with all the terrible side effects man-made drugs can inflict upon the body.

After doing some research I was able to find two very powerful yeast infection pills from a reputable U.S. based company.  The company, Whole Body Research, is--as mentioned--based in the United States; specifically Chatsworth, California.  What is impressive is that Whole Body Research offers a 90 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on each of their products.  So, if you feel that your yeast infection pills were bad in any way, you can get all your money back right away.  Also, it should be said that they have exceptional customer service and lengthy hours you can call in with any queries you may need help with.  Just check out their contact page for their toll-free number, email form, and hours you can call in.

The two best yeast infection pills I am talking about are both available at their online store.  These pills are Keybiotics and Fungal Warrior.

Fungal Warrior Yeast Infection Pill

Antifungal Yeast Infection Pill

Fungal Warrior is a blend of natural herbs that have strong antifungal capabilities.  You can ingest these pills to remove yeast from the digestive tract, and you can insert them into the vagina to clear up a vaginal yeast infection.  These are the two primary places where Candida thrives and overgrows.  After you cleanse these areas of your body, you are likely to be rid of your Candida problems.

The strength of Fungal Warrior can probably be attributed to a healing synergy that results from the mix of natural herbs in the product.  Dr. James A. Duke; one of the foremost authorities on medicinal plants; states in his enlightening book, The Green Pharmacy, that synergy does in fact occur when you use several different plants in congress.  Dr. Duke states as follows:

The synergy--the harmonious working together--of antifungal herbs has been demonstrated in several studies.  In one test of ten plant species whose oils were antifungal, researchers noted that “combinations of the antifungal essential oils increased their activity remarkably.”  In a similar study, researchers noted that “in all the oil combinations, the antifungal potency was found to increase over individual oils.”

Duke, J. A. (1997). The green pharmacy: New discoveries in herbal remedies for common diseases and conditions from the world's foremost authority on healing herbs. Emmaus, Pa: Rodale Press.  (Fungal Infections’ section, p.246)

Dr. Duke goes on to explain later that he feels synergy is in fact the rule in nature.  There are truly so many different ways plants came to possess their protective attributes that each plant should fight fungus in a different way.  When you use more than one herbal remedy, you get a cure that attacks Candida on more than one front--so to speak.  Hence, multiple herbs together create a healing synergy--killing yeast in manifold ways.

Want a closer look at Fungal Warrior’s ingredients and scientific research proving these herbs effectiveness at killing Candida?  If so, check out this page: Fungal Warrior Yeast Infection Pill.  If you’d like to peruse Fungal Warrior at Whole Body Research, you can do so here.

Keybiotics Yeast Infection Pill

Probiotic Yeast Infection Pill

As you may know if you have been researching on Candida overgrowth, after you kill off yeast fungus, you need to introduce helpful probiotics to continually prevent future Candida attacks.  Not only should you add probiotics to your stomach via oral pills, you should also insert them into the vagina; vaginal bacteria also are very important!  Thus the second yeast infection pill to consider acquiring is a diverse probiotic supplement.  Whole Body Research provides a tool to do this exceptionally well: Keybiotics pills.

One caveat, if you have taken strong antibiotics for some reason in the past, this may be the primary reason you are now suffering from a yeast infection.  This is primarily because antibiotics don’t know how to discern a good bacteria from a pathogenic one.  Thus, once your body has been cleared of bacteria by these powerful drugs, the Candida fungi (which exist naturally in all human’s bodies) are the only thing around to eat up nutrients (as the antibiotics did not kill fungi).  Consequently, if you took antibiotics, you should choose some kind of probiotic supplement to replenish the natural bacterial flora your body needs.  Probiotics will benefit you in more ways than only helping with yeast infections.

Also, if you are familiar with taking probiotic dietary supplements of some kind, you may also know that these tend to cause bad breath (halitosis).   Keybiotics was designed with this unfortunate side effect in mind; and, Keybiotics does not cause bad breath!  According to the company, as far as they know, Keybiotics is the only probiotic marketed commercially that actually does not cause bad breath.  I feel this shows a great amount of care is taken by this company when it decides to offer a natural remedy.  If you feel like getting a different probiotic, you might want to check and see if they also make this promise.

If you would like to learn more about the science behind probiotics in Keybiotics, you can check out this page if you’d like: Keybiotics Probiotic Yeast Infection Pill.  If you want to check out the product on the company’s site, you can do so here.

12 Hour Yeast Infection Cure

If you want a fast, safe, and all natural remedy that will totally cure a yeast infection in about 12 hours, you may be interested in Sarah Summer.  Summer suffered from arduous, recurrent vaginal yeast infections for a prolonged time.  She probably had a drug resistant, biofilm encased yeast infection (biofilm formation by Candida yeast increases their resistance to drugs more than 1000 times).  She could find no help from doctors who examined her; however, despite her setbacks, she studied her condition and developed a natural solution that is quite effective.  Her website has her contact information if you care to write to her.  Also, her work is available in an ebook form so you can download it immediately and get rid of your yeast infection in under one day from now.  

Summer’s book is published by the large U.S. based Keynetics Incorporated and you can easily get it online.  Summer also wants to help you, and she offers a 8 week money back guarantee on her book.  So if you feel it is unacceptable in some way, you can quickly get your money safely back.  Feel free to check out Summer’s website and see if her book is something for you.  

Although yeast infection pills are a great way to maintain a healthy Candida free body, they do take some time to ship if your wanting the best pills.  So this option is available for those who want to take care of their yeast infection as soon as possible, and in a safe, natural manner.


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