AZO Yeast Infection Pills Review

A Fair Review of AZO Yeast Plus Pills

Dr. Andrew Weil Recommends not using AZO yeast pills.
Dr. Andrew Weil Recommends not using AZO yeast pills.

Homeopathic medicine can be very dangerous, and is something that should not be done with yeast infections. Dr. Andrew Weil also thinks that homeopathic treatments should only be done in very rare circumstances. On his website he states Iris Bell, M.D., Ph.D.; who has been the director of research at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; recommends seldomly trying homeopathy. Dr. Bell is also a trained homeopathic practitioner. Only when faced with an acute health problem that is likely self-limiting do these doctors suggest you try homeopathy.

Yeast infections are clearly not a good thing to experiment with homeopathic medications on. This is because they are not very acute (they don’t suddenly attack the body like say a heart attack does), as they take considerable time to grow and cause infection. Also, yeast infections are not self-limiting; i.e., they won’t spontaneously go away on their own. A yeast infection can spread throughout the body and release toxins and even jeopardize the lives of immunocompromised individuals.

There is a lot of talk on the internet; and, most will say anything to make a buck. Dr. Weil suggests that you consider not listening to homeopathic advertisers for any serious condition you may have. Also, Dr. Weil appears to be trying not to offend homeopathic medicine advocates by dancing around the issue; and, not just staying homeopathy is dangerous and unscientific.

Counterintuitive Procedures

AZO Yeast Infection Pills

AZO yeast infection pills do contain Candida albicans; the most pathogenic of all the Candida genus yeasts. If you take this product or insert it into your vagina, you are in fact adding to your problem. You may have Candida glabrata inside your body; and, if you add albicans you now have an even more severe, complex yeast infection. The road to curing the body of a yeast infection, does not lie in adding more Candida to your body. You need to eliminate it to be healed.

If you really were healed by adding yeast to your body, why is it that you are not currently healing with yeast growing and multiplying freely? Most yeast infection (about 80%) are due to Candida albicans. If you have one of these infections, chances are, you have more than enough of this fungus in you right now. Therefore, putting more Candida into yourself is just a superfluous, dangers act.

Candida Hub’s Review of AZO Yeast Infection Pills

Candida Hub is here to inform you of natural treatments, but per Dr. Weil’s advice, it is not wise to use AZO yeast infection pills at all as they contain Candida albicans. If you didn’t currently have a yeast infection, you could very well develop one if you took this product. That is why, on the sex and yeast infection section, it is recommend that people NOT have sex with someone who is infected with yeast. The reason is, that you could infect your partner with this pathogen.

Even small amounts of yeast are dangerous. Mothers repeatedly get nipple thrush from babies who have oral thrush. Conversely, babies can develop oral thrush from a mother who has an infected nipple(s).

Again, if you have a yeast infection, you are generating more Candida each day. You probably have no need for extra Candida! It is already there, and more is being manufactured with each passing moment. So even if you think homeopathic medicine is legitimate, you have no need for the the Candida albicans ingredient in AZO yeast pills.

Concluding, AZO Yeast Plus is dangerous, and unwise to use. Stay far away from AZO as they clearly do not know how to adequately warn people of their product’s danger; and, make a claim impossible to support.

What to do Instead

Take a look around Candida Hub and develop a good understanding of natural medicine that has a proven track record. There is a lot of information and there are a ton of professional studies cited to back claims up. Trust professional scientific research, and the safety and power of nature to come to your aid. Keep homeopathic medicine to the arena of self limiting conditions if you insist on using it. And, do not play games with pathogenic yeast.


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