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Trichomoniasis or Yeast Infection

Do You Have "Trich" or a Yeast Infection?

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Know if you have Trichomoniasis vaginalis or Candida infectionAccording to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, only around 30% of people who are infected with Trichomoniasis will develop symptoms that indicate they have the infection.  Conversely, if you have a yeast infection you are quite likely to develop some kind of symptom.  Since Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD), you should be able to rule this infection out if you haven’t had sex for prolonged periods of time or you have just one reliable partner.  Trichomoniasis symptoms typically manifest within 5 to 28 days after initial infection.  Men can get “Trich” as well and can spread the STD.  Thus, if its been longer than that since you had sex, chances are even greater you have a yeast infection and not the STD Trichomoniasis.

Diagnosing Trichomoniasis or Yeast Infection

If you are quite sexually active and you’ve never had a yeast infection before, it might be Trichomoniasis.  However, even professionals cannot diagnose this infection based on symptoms alone.  As you will see later on in the article, the symptoms of Trichomoniasis are much like those of other vaginal health maladies.  If you suspect you have this STD, consult a local clinic and have a test performed that can accurately tell what is bothering you.  For more information about common STD’s and their symptoms check out: yeast infections and STDs.

If this isn’t your first yeast infection, and you have successfully treated the past infection with some antifungal therapy; you may do just fine treating yourself for a yeast infection again.  Many women experience recurrent vaginal Candidiasis because their digestive system is harboring excess yeast.  If you haven’t had unusual sexual activity, there is really no other probable way for Trichomoniasis to be causing your infection; thus, it is likely Candida of some kind.

There are several things that can predispose you to developing yeast overgrowth in your digestive system and consequently your vagina.  These factors include primarily taking antibiotics, using estrogen birth control pills, being diabetic, or having some other immune system weakening illness.  There is a great comprehensive test that shows you how prone you are to have yeast-related health problems.  The test was developed by the pioneering medical doctor in yeast-related health: Dr. William Crook.  This test was adapted and presented in two formats: a short test and a comprehensive test.  If you have the time, consider taking these tests online here and get a better understanding from an efficacious test here: Yeast Infection Tests.

Common Trichomoniasis Symptoms

About 70% of people with this STD will have no symptoms at all.  Those that do report the following changes in health:

  • Unusual itching and burning sensations in the vagina and vulva
  • Inflammation or soreness of the vagina
  • A malodorous vaginal discharge that can be greenish, white, clear, or yellowish in color
  • Foul vaginal odor

Frequent Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptoms

Most women with a yeast infection will know it eventually.  Once Candida yeasts overgrow enough they will start to cause harm to the vagina and any other area they infect.  Some of the standard signs of a yeast infection include the following:

  • A non-odorous thick, whitish vaginal discharge that is similar in consistency to cottage cheese
  • Thin or watery vaginal discharge
  • Rash around the vagina
  • Pain in the vagina and general soreness down there
  • Swelling of the vulva and redness of the vulva
  • Pain or a burning sensation during sexual intercourse or urination
  • General itching or irritation of the vagina and vulva
  • Symptoms listed at CDC

12 Hour Yeast Infection Home Remedy

You may have heard about Sarah Summer if you have spent some time researching about natural cures for yeast infections.  Sarah Summer herself fought an arduous struggle with vaginal yeast infections.  She spent considerable time and money using over the counter and prescription treatments for her recurrent yeast infections.  Unlike many women who only get just one yeast infection, Summer had excessive bouts with Candida and seemingly nothing would finally solve her problem.

Summer eventually visited a doctor for yet another yeast infection when she learned something startling.  Her vagina had become invaded by tendril growing Candida and a mold had actually formed inside her.  Her doctor told her that the condition was not treatable; leaving her with few options.

Instead of giving up and surrendering to a life filled with frequent pain, embarrassment, and irritation, Summer and her husband decided to take on the challenge to find a solution.  After much research and trial and error, they eventually developed a working solution that dealt with the root causes of yeast infections--not just the surface level symptoms.  Summer fortunately was totally cured of her Candidiasis and shared her good news and treatment with others.  The women who tried her program found that it was so effective it worked in 12 hours tops.

Sarah Summer’s program is available for download and is all-natural and very safe to use.  It is one of the best home remedies for Candida available.  Her work is distributed by a branch of Keynetics Incorporated, and Summer offers an 8-week 100% money back guarantee on her work.  If for any reason you feel it is unsatisfactory; and 8 weeks is much longer than 12 hours; you can get a full, prompt refund of your investment.  There is also an email address provided at the bottom of her website to talk to Sarah directly about your questions!



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