The Best Boric Acid Candida Treatment

The Best Way to Use Boric Acid for Candida Infections

The best boric acid candida cure using all natural items with boric acid
The best boric acid candida cure using all natural items with boric acid

I should say right away, that the best boric acid Candida treatment is simply combining boric acid with other natural remedies to create a more efficacious cure. However, boric acid is highly toxic; and, just is a bad choice for treating a yeast infection. You are likely desperate; and, have tried many other products in an effort to get relief. None worked, or you kept getting another yeast infection later, so you're considering boric acid. You would probably be able to develop a much better treatment by taking some time and exploring some natural remedies on Candida Hub. Not only are natural plants safer, they are much more effective at treating a yeast infection. There is no need to use boric acid.

As the research shows (you can read more about it here: boric acid for yeast infection), boric acid takes over 2 weeks to work; and, many people will not even be cured after two weeks of this treatment.

If you're set on using boric acid; it would be wise to at least combine boric acid with other natural items. Instead of using pills, consider buying boric acid powder and mixing it with honey and other Candicidal herbs. This is likely to give you a much more efficacious Candida cure than simply boric acid alone. If you’d like to see a home remedy you can add boric acid to, check out this article: homemade yeast infection cure.

Mixing Boric Acid with Natural Medicine for a Better Yeast Infection Cure
Mixing Boric Acid with Natural Medicine for a Better Yeast Infection Cure

The late Dr. James Duke, the renowned botanist and expert on medicinal herbs, recommended mixing various herbs together to increase the healing power of his cure. This logic can also be applied to boric acid and mixing it with honey and other herbal remedies. Dr. Duke said, in his book The Green Pharmacy, this about mixing together natural treatments:

The synergy—the harmonious working together—of antifungal herbs has been demonstrated in several studies. In one test of ten plant species whose oils were antifungal, researchers noted that “combinations of the antifungal essential oils increased their activity remarkably.” In a similar study, researchers noted that “in all the oil combinations the antifungal potency was found to increase over individual oils.”
The Green Pharmacy (p. 246)

12 Hour Natural Remedy for Candida

Sarah Summer Yeast Infection

Sarah Summer, an expert on vaginal Candidiasis and former recurrent yeast infection sufferer, advises women to never use boric acid. Summer states that boric acid is a poison and something that is just not a good idea to try.

Summer has developed her own natural remedy for Candida that causes a yeast infection to be cured in 12 hours. And, keep yeast infections away for good—no more recurrent Candida! Summer developed this powerful solution after trying to repeatedly treat the symptoms of Candidiasis. She suffered for a considerable amount of time with Candida. Summer would use a prescription drug to get rid of her Candida only to find that, shortly thereafter, her Candida would come right back.

After doing a considerable amount of research with her husband Robert, Sarah was able to isolate the root causes of Candida overgrowth, and develop a way to address the root causes. Summer found her own recurrent yeast infection disappeared quickly with her method and stayed gone for good. Summer was also in a desperate situation before she made her discovery.

Summer has had many women try her program and has seen their bodies totally healed in 12 hours. There are people from all over the world who have now seen the same results. This is due to Summer taking the initiative and publishing her findings. Her book is available from a subsidiary of Keynetics Incorporated and is available for instant download. Summer also guarantees her book will solve your Candida problems with an 8 week 100% money back guarantee. If you find her book didn’t solve your problem, you can get your money back expediently. For more information on Sarah Summer, you can visit her website here.

More Information About Boric Acid

There are several articles about boric acid for Candida here at Candida Hub. If you have the time, and want to learn a bit more, take look at the other information here on boric acid. Here is one article that details using boric acid for Candida: boric acid for yeast infection.


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