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Boric Acid Suppositories for Yeast Infection

Boric Acid Capsules for Intravaginal Use Against Candida

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Boric Acid Suppositories for Yeast InfectionBoric acid suppositories for yeast infection will work, but are rather slow to stop an infection. It can take upwards of two weeks of daily usage to eliminate a yeast infection.  And, a significant minority of people who use boric acid suppositories to treat a yeast infection will not be cured.  Boric acid is a known toxic substance and should not be used by pregnant women.  Before you use boric acid in any form, make sure you know the side effects and hazards of using this substance.  Candida Hub has an extensive, well supported article detailing the side effects and dangers of boric acid.  You may want to check out the boric acid for yeast infection side effects article before you go any further.  A little knowledge can allay a great deal of danger!

Other natural remedies are much safer and work more quickly than boric acid will.  If you are desperate, consider other natural alternatives to this industrial chemical to treat your yeast infection.  You can find a lot of information here at Candida Hub on natural remedies for Candida.

How to Make Boric Acid Suppositories for Yeast Infection

Making your own boric acid suppositories for yeast infections is one way to save some money.  Instead of buying boric acid in pill form, you can buy it as a powder.  Usually it is available in a crystalline form or white powder.  All you need beside the boric acid powder are some 00 gelatin capsules.  You can make your own boric acid suppository at home; just follow the instructions below!

You will need the following things to make your own capsules:

  • Pure boric acid powder
  • 00 gelatin capsules
  • A sheet of paper
  • Table knife


  1. Place the sheet of paper on the table to catch boric acid that spills when you fill the pills.  Make sure you clean up any excess boric acid as it is toxic and not safe for children.
  2. Using the dinner knife, scoop some boric acid powder out with the knife and place it into the gelatin 00 capsule.  Continue to fill the capsule until it is almost full.  One 00 gelatin capsule can hold about 735 mg of material, so you don’t need to fill it all the way.  Your target dosage is 600 mg; don’t worry about approximating this amount.  You can always get another sheet of paper to funnel the boric acid into the capsule if you don’t want to scoop it with a knife.
  3. Close the capsule once it is close to being full.
  4. Repeat until you have all the boric acid capsules you’ll be using.  You will likely need to insert one capsule into the vagina once at night for two weeks.  Thus, you will need 14 capsules.


  • Do not use boric acid if you are pregnant
  • Never take any boric acid orally.  Only small amounts should ever be taken orally and only when instructed to do so by a physician.  This is usually done for boron deficiency; a condition you likely do not have.
  • Keep all boric acid away from children and animals.
  • More information on side effects here: boric acid for yeast infection side effects.
Boric Acid Powder for making yeast infection pill suppositories

Once your boric acid suppositories are made, you can begin using them.  Simply insert one capsule into the vagina at night before you go to bed.  You will need to continue this for two weeks; but, do not do this for any longer than two weeks consecutively.  If you want to use boric acid for a longer time period, make sure you consult a physician and get their advice before you use it for longer periods of time.  Also, if you feel painful burning sensations when using boric acid capsules, discontinue using them immediately.  Boric acid can irritate the skin and cause burning sensations.

A Faster, Safer Natural 12 Hour Yeast Infection Cure

One expert on yeast infections you may have heard about is Sarah Summer.  Summer cautions women who are desperate enough to try boric acid against using this known toxic substance.  Summer herself had a desperate situation when she was diagnosed with a severe yeast infection that had become a mold in her vagina.  Summer’s doctor, after investigating her vaginal problem, said her yeast infection was difficult to treat and impossible to cure.  Summer had already spent a great deal of her life living with the pain of recurrent yeast infections.

Sarah Summer Yeast Infection

Instead of giving up at hearing the doctor’s ill prognosis, Summer and her husband Robert began researching and investigating information regarding Candidiasis (yeast infections are a type of Candidiasis).  After over a year of Summer practically living at a medical library she had acquired enough information to develop a successful treatment.  What was so novel about Summer’s method was that is addressed the root causes of yeast infections--not merely just the symptoms of the condition.

After trying her cure, Summer found it worked incredibly well!  Her stubborn recurrent yeast infections stopped and never came back.  This treatment worked when so many other drugs didn’t.  Summer shared her findings with others and they reported that their yeast infections were gone in 12 hours after starting her treatment plan.  And, even the most stubborn yeast infections stayed gone--no more recurrent yeast infections!

Summer’s treatment is all natural and uses only safe, natural items.  Summer has published her findings in her book Natural Cure for Yeast Infection.  She wants to help and offers an 8 week 100% money back guarantee on her book for anyone interested in trying it.  Summer’s publisher is a subsidiary of the U.S. based Keynetics Incorporated.  If you’d like to find out more about Sarah Summer and her book, you can visit Summer’s website for more information.  If you are desperate, you will find that this book provides a much better, faster, and safer way to cure a yeast infection then noxious boric acid!


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